Cocoa Beans Vs Coffee Beans, What’s The Difference?

Cocoa Beans Vs Coffee Beans, What’s The Difference? - Chariot Coffee

 Remember when we were kids, We thought that cocoa beans and coffee beans were the same. We would think that chocolate and coffee are made from the same thing. However, cocoa beans and coffee beans are totally different types of beans with different tastes and characteristics.

Before looking right into the differences between cocoa beans and coffee beans, let’s first go through a little bit of the history of coffee beans and cocoa beans.

  1. Coffee Beans 
Coffee beans

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with over 2 billion cups consumed every day. Every flavourful cup of freshly brewed coffee is made from coffee beans. The coffee beans go back to 800 AD, An Ethiopian goat herder was looking out for his flock one day, and he noticed they seemed to be having certain bright red berries. After eating the berries, he seemed to be filled with energy. For all these years, coffee's sole purpose is to make the person stay joyful and enthusiastic, and even after all these years this fact is still alive and true. 

Quick question - Did you know there are 10 different types of coffee beans from 10 different countries? If you didn’t know check out this blog to know more.

2.     Cocoa Beans 

Cocoa beans

The archaeologist have discovered the essence of cocoa beans since 1900 BC from Mexico. From Mexico to Spain Cocoa beans have spread all over Europe. Today, the Cocoa bean industry is huge and produces an average of three million tons of cocoa worldwide each year.

Key Differences Between Cocoa Beans Vs Coffee Beans


Cocoa Beans

Coffee Beans 


The major difference between cocoa beans and coffee beans is that cocoa beans are used to make a variety of chocolate.

Whereas, Coffee beans are used to make the delicious coffee we drink every morning and night.

Originated Place 

Cocoa beans were first found in the Amazon rain forests, South America. 

Coffee beans were first said to be found in Ethiopia in the region of Kaffa.

Health Benefits 

Cocoa beans are filled with health benefits. One of the many benefits of cocoa beans improve processing speed and working memory.

Coffee beans is packed full of health benefits. Big-time energy boosts and supporting brain health is a major benefits of coffee beans.

Caffeine Amount 

Caffeine content of cocoa beans is half the amount of coffee beans. 

The Caffeine amount in coffee beans is high around 95 gms in one cup.

Bean Size 

Cocoa beans are grown in pods, a single pod contains around 20-60 beans. 

Coffee beans are of different sizes, but it is suggested to purchase large-size coffee beans for the best quality and taste. 

Farming Method 

Cocoa bean is a hand-harvested crop and prefers higher elevations & cold places to grow well.  

Coffee bean is also a hand-harvested crop and prefers lower elevations & warm places to grow well. 

Antioxidant Quantity 

Cocoa bean is an excellent source of antioxidants, containing a huge amount of flavanols.

The coffee bean is one of the most antioxidant-rich beverages with a flavor-rich taste.

Fun fact - Both coffee beans and cocoa beans are not really beans. Coffee beans are the seeds of red berries, and cocoa beans are seeds from the cocoa pod. 

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