The Different Types of Roasting and How They Affect Your Coffee & Aroma

Finley roasted coffee beans

One of the most consumed and well-liked beverages worldwide is coffee. The coffee roast has a significant impact on the flavor and aroma of the beverage. The most important step in the creation of coffee is roasting since it affects the coffee's flavor, aroma, and strength. There are several roasts of coffee, from light to dark, and each has a distinctive flavor character.

The method the coffee beans are roasted as well as the type of beans used affect the flavor of your coffee. When coffee is brewed, we love to smell the dark, aromatic beans that have undergone the heating process of roasting.

Types of coffee bean roast

The color and flavor of coffee beans change more and get darker as they roast for a longer period of time. On the other hand, they contain less acidity and caffeine the longer they are roasted. 

Coffee bean roasts are categorized by the levels: 

  1. Light
  2. Medium
  3. Dark

Let's examine the various coffee roasts and how they impact flavor and aroma. We'll go into each roast's qualities and emphasize the distinctive flavor notes that they each offer.

  • Light Roast: The aroma of light roast is fruity and flowery, and has a faint nuttiness. The original aroma of the coffee beans, which might change depending on the origin of the beans, is preserved in large part by the light roasting procedure. Compared to dark roasts, light roast coffee beans often have a brighter and more lively scent. The light roast coffee's aroma is frequently characterized as sweet and energising.
  • Cold brew enthusiasts frequently choose light roast due to its flavor notes. Since the acidity is reduced during the cold brew process, it might be a little gentler on individuals with sensitive stomachs. 


    Lightly roasted coffee beans


    Light roast coffee should be brewed more slowly than darker roasts since it requires more time to extract correctly. You should experiment with the pour-over and cold-brew procedures. 

  • Medium Roast: A medium roast provides a fruity scent with undertones of nuttiness and chocolate. The medium roasting technique brings forth more complex and nuanced flavors by enhancing the scent of the coffee beans. Medium-roasted coffee is sometimes referred to as having a balanced and pleasing aroma. Not as intense as dark roast coffee, but not as bright as light roast coffee. 

  • For the majority of coffee drinkers, a perfect medium roast is quite adaptable and will taste wonderful when brewed in a variety of ways, including pour-over, automatic drip, moka pot, and espresso. 

    Medium roasted coffee beans

    A medium grind can assist prevent over-extraction because a medium roast will extract quicker than a lighter roast. Because the Moka pot and espresso maker extract quickly, a fine grind works well with them, and you'll get a great-tasting cup of coffee as a result. 

  • Dark Roast: Dark roast coffee smells faintly like caramel and dark chocolate with a burnt undertone. The coffee beans' sugars are caramelized during the dark roasting process, giving off a powerful and potent scent. Dark roast coffee's scent is frequently described as strong and smokey. Although it is not as complex or bright as lighter roasts, it is stronger and fuller-bodied.
  • These coffee beans undergo the most extensive roasting of any bean, and they are finished when they are the shade of dark chocolate or even black. The lengthy roasting process releases the bean's oil, which is visible in the brew and gives the coffee a robust, occasionally bitter flavor. 

    Dark roasted coffee beans

    Many coffee enthusiasts favor dark roasts because of their additional robust body and hefty texture. 

    The way coffee is roasted has a big impact on how it tastes, smells, and how strong it is. The finest roast for a person's taste will depend on personal preference because each roast has a distinctive flavor profile. People who like coffee with a milder flavor prefer light roast, while those who prefer coffee with a balance of flavor and power prefer medium roast. For a robust and flavorful cup of coffee, opt for a dark roast. The origin of the beans, the roasting method, and individual preferences can all affect the aroma of coffee.

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